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It's also not a particularly inspiring overclocker, partly thanks to the fact it's a hot and power-hungry processor.

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Later, when Baizhang's disciple Huangbo (Wade-Giles: Huang-po; Japanese: Ōbaku) asks what would have happened had the monk not denied cause and effect, Baizhang tells Huangbo to come close so he can answer him.

Huangbo steps forward and slaps Baizhang, ostensibly in the awareness that Baizhang had intended to strike him.

In short, the AMD Zen CPU architecture represents the best chance for the red team to close the gap on Intel, offering PC users a genuine computational alternative for our desktop rigs.

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The wild fox kōan, also known as "Pai-chang 's fox" and "Hyakujō and a Fox," is an influential kōan story in the Zen tradition dating back as early as 1036, when it appeared in the Chinese biographical history T'ien-sheng kuang-teng lu.

It was also in The Gateless Gate (Japanese: Mumonkan The koan tells the story of a monk who, after denying that an enlightened person falls into cause and effect, was turned into a wild fox for five hundred lifetimes.

I got lucky with Eva, finding her relatively easily and somehow convincing her that I’m dateworthy. Though I don’t have a lot of dating advice, there is something I’ve learned from experience: prepare yourself first.

Here’s the thing: you can put yourself out there, but you don’t know if you’ll find anyone soon, or who that will be.