Visual dating novels

The game lasts for a fixed period of game time, such as one month or three years.Genre: Otome romance, friendship, entertainment industry Gameplay: Dating sim, stat raiser, voiced (English) The glamour of showbiz holds little appeal for Sian.

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The majority of these types of games don't actually require you to be 'good' at playing other games -- save for a few mini-games here and there, you generally only need to have a decent command of the English language and the ability to make up your mind.

While VN's with dating sim elements are allowed in the database, dating sims with brief VN elements are not.

Once upon a time, a girl and her beloved pet dog were swept away to a magical land by a tornado.

Out of sympathy for his hapless savior, the man decides to set him up with a job and a place to live.

From the outside, sotano looks like a cozy little jazz bar, but behind the scenes they solve problems that the police and legitimate detective agencies won't touch. One man sits on a train headed to Zushi: Takashiro Shugo―once a detective for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.