Revalidating lapsed ppl

The UK has also made EASA licences valid on UK registered non-EASA aircraft.In this example, to make sure that an SEP(land) rating does not expire and continues for another 2 year period, it can be revalidated by: If the rating has expired you cannot fly as a pilot in command until it has been renewed.To renew your SEP(land) rating you need to pass a proficiency check with an examiner who will require a ‘ready for test’ certificate signed by a Registered Training Facility (until 8 April 2015) or Approved Training Organisation, which may mean having to complete refresher training with them first.General The UK IMC rating is designed as a 'get you out of trouble' qualification and not as a replacement for the IR The UK IMC rating may not be placed onto an EASA licence.

A Class Rating Renewal is required if the class rating has expired (the current date is after the ‘Validity Date’ printed on the class rating page of the licence.) Where licence holders have been unable to renew an SEP(Land) or TMG Class Rating for a period not exceeding 5 years from the date of expiration, they will be required to complete the following: • The CAA mandates no additional training although refresher training is recommended and is completed at the Pilot’s discretion sufficient to pass the Skills Test. • Pass an oral theoretical knowledge examination to be conducted by the Examiner as part of the Skills Test.The skill test comprises of 5 sections and will be carried out by a CAA approved examiner, not your regular instructor.To obtain a new certificate of revalidation the licence holder must satisfy the following requirements. In the 12 months prior to expiry, the licence holder must have logged 12 hours in single engine piston aircraft (SEP) of which 6 hours must be Pilot in Command (PIC).In order for a pilot to revalidate his/her Class Rating by experience the following criteria must be met within the 24 months Validity of the Class Rating: • 12 Hours Flight Time on Class including 8 hours PIC • 12 Take-offs and landings as PF (Pilot Flying) • A 1 Hour Training Sortie* with a FI(A) or CRI(A) – If this is not completed the rating will be endorsed with ‘Single Seat Only’.The renewal procedure of the single-engine piston aeroplanes SEP(land) class rating has to be done in case, when the class rating SEP(land) is expired (out of date).