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When you’re looking for a roof installation, you naturally want the best.

The best service, the best quality, and arguably most importantly,and the best products!

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Your roof is quite the investment, and you want it to stick around for a while.

But usually the hardest decision you can make when looking into roofs is choosing the manufacturer. Which manufacturer suits your roof installation needs best? GAF Roofing GAF has been at the top of the food chain in roofing for over a .

Most manufacturers tend to specialize in a certain design, appeal, or style. One, these experts can devote themselves to perfecting a specific roof material or type, which is good news for consumers. Their shingles are some of the most highly rated for safety and quality, and they offer excellent water protection options as well.

GAF also offers loads of roofing accessories, ensuring they’ll be your one-stop for all of your roofing needs.