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Most of us have been in relationships that have involved dramatic fights, yelling, slamming doors, storming out, etc.

However, if you two are able to argue without tearing each other apart and can discuss how to fix the problem together, you’re on the right track.

The oldest recorded human voice that can be heard intelligibly today dates from April 9, 1860: a ghostly snippet of the folksong “Au Clair de la Lune,” played back in March 2008 after lying silent for nearly a century and a half.

For twenty seconds, someone living in the Second French Empire of Napoleon III…

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Continue reading → You probably know what it’s like to hear a recording played backwards.They point to military manuals and documents dated from 206 B. Although the origin of Martial Arts is in question, few dispute the saying, “The foundation of all Martial Arts is Shaolin.” The Shaolin Temple is the spiritual and technical source of all modern Martial Arts.Shaolin Kempo has a long and rich heritage going back to the beginning of modern civilization.Colorful, relatively easy to find and identify, butterflies have long been a favorite of collectors and field observers alike.Butterfly diversity is low enough (about 70 species have been documented on the Island) so that one can easily get a grip on it.