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Whatever the reason, many black women keep their sexuality a secret, behind closed doors, on the down low. Kamai Warner describes herself as a “heavily tattooed, copper-colored, Mohawk-wearing, rock-star-wannabe, softball-playing black lesbian” and admits she has always known that there was something different about her.

Raised in the South in a family of Baptist preachers, Warner attended church five to seven days a week as a youngster, and remembers her first girl kiss when she was 9.

Whatever the case, Disick doesn't appear to have much interest in turning things around for himself, and it's strange that Bella would hop on board for a ride to the bottom.

Naturally, the whole thing ended about as badly as everyone except Bella realized it would.

Whatever the case, they were over within a matter of days. Yesterday, Bella posted some bikini pics, and at first, no one thought anything of it, because she does that every day.

Then TMZ noticed something interesting: Bella posed in her swimwear in Scott's backyard.

And he would get defensive at times, as most guys would.

But let’s just say that there were a few stories of ‘Why is Darnell hanging out at this guy’s house or this guy’s dorm room?

He also had some kind words for the Kardashian half-sister.

Ever since he learned that Kourtney Kardashian is dating Younes Bendjima, Scott has been publicly self-destructing, reportedly as a means of convincing his ex to take him back.

We have no way of confirming Scott's motives, and the tabloids may be favoring that narrative simply because it's more compelling than a 34-year-old father of three blowing up his life because he sees no other option.

We recently reported singer Ashanti went on Twitter to send a birthday shout out to 49ers DB Darnell Dockett.

The tweet sparked some questions about the relationship status between the two but neither parties confirmed or denied dating.