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When everyone is honest, and the questions and dares are comfortable with all of the players, truth or dare can be loads of fun!

Whether you're throwing a party or want to play with that special someone, inside you'll find 1000 truth or dares, one of the largest collections ever!

Chat about it with other youth leaders, churches, ministries who focus on youth, who’d want to be a part of this Gospelizing Event.

Truth or dare games are great for those looking to relive the nostalgia or hilarity of watching friends complete dares and divulge surprising secrets!Driven from one live event in Denver, Colorado, thousands of teenagers and adult leaders will be inspired and equipped to share the good news of the Gospel…and then, at the EXACT same time…released into their communities to share the message and serve with love. Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 23, 2017.Start promoting it to your students and parents in your ministry. Registration is open: Dare2Share Imagine thousands of Gospel Conversations in ONE Day![ ] Super easy to use - just tap truth or dare and you'll see the card animate! Our media are saturated with it; women pout out at us from every screen, unveil their desires in every story. What is everywhere is anxiety about female sexuality, discomfort with female desire. It’s marvellously inclusive; no one is left out, everyone has a view. I’m sitting in the living room of the flat my then boyfriend shares with two other men. I find it easy enough, rhetorically at least, to dismiss the Limbaugh version of sexual politics – to see as absurd the view that women are not entitled to pleasure in the same way as men are.