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The vaccine, Gardasil, uses a recombinant outer surface protein (Osp) similar to LYMErix, which reactivates dormant viruses and pathogens in many children, especially Lyme related infections transmitted by mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.This guarantees that MERCK and other drug companies have plenty of future customers who need drugs for new arthritis, ADD, ADHD, asthma, and other neurologic diseases.We may have a super-fun personality, but we are incredibly serious about protecting your information.

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He said he wanted the world to see their faces'France is still seeking to talk with its partners on the Security Council, especially the permanent members, and Russia in particular,' Ayrault told CNews television.

Many foreign children are better protected against harmful vaccines because American vaccine manufacturers fear lawsuits in foreign countries.

MERCK REFUSES to give the Gardasil HPV vaccine to kids in Thailand or the Philippines if they have ANY allergies, are sick, pregnant, or have an autoimmune disease.

A UN vote on investigating a suspected sarin gas attack in Syria has been put on hold by Britain, France and the US - so they can 'negotiate' with Russia first.

Rescuers help a man after the toxic gas attack PICTURE PERFECT: U. President Donald Trump and his wife First Lady Melania Trump welcome King Abdullah II Hussein of Jordan and his wife Queen Rania of Jordan at the West Wing of the White House.